Say YES to the

Youth Employment

Services programme

What Is Youth

Employment Services?

Did you know that South Africa has close to six million unemployed youth? The Youth Employment Service, aptly termed YES is a joint initiative supported by the private sector and the Government of South Africa.

It seeks to eradicate some of the core causes of our current economic predicament, by rewarding companies for equipping the youth with workplace skills and experience.

The Y.E.S programme, in partnership with government, business, labour and civil society, is aimed at providing paid work experience, to more than one million young black South Africans over the next three years.  According to the research, a youth that is employed in the YES initiative for 12months has an 80% chance of finding employment elsewhere.

In addition, to providing unemployed youth with skills and workplace experience, the programme is positioned to award participating companies by enhancing their BEE levels. This incentive is a huge driver for companies looking to improve their BEE status. Further, YES creates an ideal opportunity for entities to claw back BEE recognition levels that were lost as a result of the 2015 B-BBEE scorecard requirements!

No matter the size of your company

YES is for you.

“Enabling up to two levels of enhanced BEE recognition”.

Do you know what two levels of enhanced B-BBEE recognition could do for your business? Check out our blog here.

Y.E.S. Benefits
  • Up to two levels of enhanced BEE recognition
  • Growth and new business opportunities for you
  • Additional growth avenues for EME’s and QSE’s
  • First-hand access at developing and harnessing future talent
How can we help you?
  • Recruit and manage candidates
  • Find hosts for candidates, should you be unable to host them
  • Provide work readiness training for candidates
  • Assist with absorption

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