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Enterprise & Supplier Development is a priority measurement pillar in B-BBEE; so, it is aimed at promoting economic transformation in South Africa. Entities are obligated to upskill suppliers, with the incentive of earning B-BBEE points. However, B-BBEE points aren’t the only advantage of ESD.

In addition to earning points, ESD is mutually beneficial to the growth of the supplier and the entity. These benefits have ripple effects. Entities will benefit from suppliers that run better, deliver faster thereby increasing their production/output.

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This leads to a more profitable bottom-line. On the other hand, suppliers benefit from better operating structures which increases their attractiveness to other organisations, thereby increasing their competitive advantage.

Supplier relationships are strengthened and multiplied which leads to job creation and sustainable growth. Ultimately, ESD has a positive knock on effect on our socio-economic landscape too!

Should entities not have the capacity and resources to fulfil the ESD element – we offer our Enterprise & Supplier Development services. 

Here, we introduce enterprises to the Entrepreneurial Operating System – EOS, a business operating system that aims to help you gain traction, break through the ceiling and get all employees geared toward sustainable success. This service is also available to entities that want to run better – moving from a good entity to a great entity.

Through our vision of positively impacting lives

Customised ESD Solutions

Through our vision of positively impacting lives, we help you turn your compliance into multiple impact! View case study below:

As part of their Enterprise Development compliance obligation, Mylan has sponsored the EOS journey for 1st Verification Networx. The system has helped thousands of entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses by instilling focus, discipline and accountability throughout the business. Through the EOS 1st Verification Networx went from ready to close shop in December 2018 to recruiting more staff in 2019!

The management team at 1st Verification Networx attributes their growth to the strong accountability chart, their engaging weekly level 10 meetings and the problem-solving techniques learnt. 

*The implementation of EOS for the benefit of ESD scorecard compliance is available exclusively through ET Consult and can be adopted to help businesses gain traction or exercised through an organisations’ ED compliance obligation, as seen by Mylan. *

Using EOS – The Entrepreneurial Operating System to Improve your ESD Score

Companies looking to implement sustainable Enterprise and Supplier Development strategies can sponsor the EOS journey for small businesses.

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I believe EOH has made a significant contribution to us achieving our goals and is helping us in developing a business that is an asset of value and will live on beyond the involvement of any of the current owners.

Michael Combrinck CA (SA)Financial Director and Integrator at Eva-Last

The EOS programme was excellent at bringing accountability and discipline into the organisation through its tools an application of the tools. Now, we do more in less time.”
“I wish I had known about EOS earlier.


EOS has enabled the company to clearly identify its goals, vision and mission as well as to determine our accountability chart. The programme has ensured that each division has a clear understanding of how they fit within the Group and who is accountable for what. We have undoubtedly benefited from this program.

Gavin AlpineFinancial Director at Murray and Dick Construction

EOS is a continuous improvement effort on the issues that are hampering growth and achieving targets.

Chris BreytenbachCEO of Conor Solutions

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