Broad-Based Black Empowerment Advisory Services

We assist you with all aspects of BEE Compliance all elements and including all Sector Codes.
About the service

BEE Transformation Advisory and Compliance Services

We have the skills, capabilities and know-how to assist you with all aspects of BEE compliance – covering all sectors.

Our Advisory Services Include (but are not limited to):

Core Development Services
  • Baseline Assessment: We’ll help you to establish what your current BEE score is so that you can take the necessary steps improve on it.

  • Supplier Assessment: We’ll take a look at your suppliers to establish A) who is causing you to lose points, and B) who can be leveraged to maximise your score.

  • Competitor Analysis: By looking into your competitors’ score, we’ll help you draw up comparisons and help maximise your selling advantage.

  • BEE Outcome and Recommendation Report: We’ll identify where your business’s gaps are to enable you to implement sustainable initiatives to close these gaps.

  • BEE Strategic Policy and Plan development: This includes the implementation, monitoring and reporting, as well as Board reporting obligations.

  • For Government and State Owned Entities & Listed Companies: We’ll develop and submit your annual BEE report to the BEE Commissioner’s office within the required timeframes.

  • Equity Equivalent Programmes: We develop, register and manage Equity Equivalent Programmes for multinational clients, to secure black ownership recognition and meaningful job creation. Our Equity Equivalent success guarantees foreign-owned companies the BEE credentials necessary to compete for large government tenders.

  • Equity Ownership Advisory Services: We provide advisory services to any organisations looking to implement equity ownership.

  • Eskom SD&L Compliance: We do it all – from developing the plan, right through to the assessment, monitoring, reporting and verification thereof.

  • NERSA Economic Development: We have the expertise to assist Independent Power Producers with compliance regulation.

  • Verification services: Engaging verification agency; preparation of the BEE verification file according to agency requirements; representation at the onsite visit, and post verification services.