The South African Roads Agency – SANRAL, announced B-BBEE tender contracts worth billions. The tender contracts are for the upgrading of the N2 and N3. The State-Owned Entity released specific stipulations for successful tenders. Find out more about the intention behind the upgrade, tender stipulations, and how we can help you improve your B-BBEE status in order for you to qualify below.

SANRAL upgrades N2 and N3

Regional Manager of SANRAL Eastern Region, Dumisani Nkabinde, said the SOE was committed to the transformation of the engineering and contraction sectors through community development projects during the upgrade of the N2 and N3.  He said: “investment in roads infrastructure upgrades, especially in rural and underdeveloped communities, provides an opportunity for generating economic growth, alleviating poverty, reducing the scourge of inequality and increasing international competitiveness.”

Nkabinde added that SANRAL is “committed to breaking down monopolies in supply chains and ensuring the broad-based participation of black South Africans. Clear guidelines and structures have been put in place to ensure local communities benefit directly from the procurement of goods and services from local suppliers to giving preference to the creation of local jobs.”

Stipulations for B-BBEE tenders

SANRAL’s release statement highlighted that successful tenders must be Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment, status level 1 to 4. In addition, a sub-contract of 30% of the value of the contract to Exempt Micro-Enterprises, EME’S or Qualifying Small Enterprises, QSE’S; that are more than 51% black owned.

Do you want to tender for SANRAL’s N2 and N3 upgrade? We can help you improve your B-BBEE status level in order to qualify for tenders. Book a free consultation with us today.