In the build-up to September, there have been numerous articles about Employment Equity. While Employment Equity is a newsworthy topic, September marks to start of the window period for Employment Equity report submissions. The period runs from the 1st of September 2019 to 15 January 2020.

Designated employers, that includes companies and government departments are obliged to submit an Employment Equity report every year to the Department of Labour, as per the Employment Equity Act. This includes their employment equity reports in relation to demographic profiles, gender representation and employment equity plans on how to address discrimination and inequity in the workplace.

Failure to submit Employment Equity reports

If you qualify as a Designated Employer and supply incorrect information, do not comply with the Employment Equity Act requirements, or do not submit the documents on time, then you risk a fine of up to 10% of turnover; depending on the severity of contravention.

In addition, the Department of Labour may visit you and do a full audit of your company.

Last week we shared the Minister for Labour and Employment, Thulas Nxesi’s statement that the government will implement ‘harsh measures’ for non-compliance. In other related news, the Black Management Forum (BMF) is establishing a litigation fund with the aim of taking legal action against “gross violations derailing transformation in South Africa”. BMF also stated that the fund will “serve as a tool to enforce transformation in an effort to achieve justice, fairness and equity”.

We can help you or your team gain a better understanding of the Employment Equity Act and the importance of the Employment Equity report submission to the Department of Labour. Our team of highly qualified trainers and consultants are ready to assist with the submissions during this submission period.

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