Do you have a March Financial Year End and are without resources to reach your BEE targets for the year?

We have the ultimate solution for you! Assign your BEE to spend to us and we will develop and implement a BEE strategy that will guarantee your desired BEE status. Plus, our partnership will have a ripple effect thanks to our multiplier impact. Our multiplier impact ensures that as your beneficiaries grow so does the economy.

Remember, your BEE scorecard is based on the current financial year; therefore; you need to meet your targets before your year-end. Should you fail to reach your BEE targets you risk your BEE status, your competitive advantage and the possibility of non-compliance.

Maximise your BEE spend by letting our team of experts implement sustainable strategies for you. In addition, to implementing your BEE strategies, we will compile all relevant documents and submit them to the verification agency on your behalf. You will receive your BEE certificate and desired level effortlessly.

Stay Ahead of Your Competitors with Proactive BEE Strategies

If you have time before your financial year, take advantage of our advisory and/ or training services. Dispel BEE myths with our expert advisors that will advise on BEE best practice;
Gain BEE knowledge with practical examples from our exciting seminars;
Focus on your business while we develop and implement on your behalf. Contact us today for a tailored BEE solution!

Coming Soon

We have an exciting line up scheduled; with topics covering new and updated information across various sectors. These include:

  • How the Mining Charter’s Implementation Guidelines Impact Mining Suppliers
  • Updates to the Conduct of Financial Institutions Bill (COFI) and how this will affect financial service entities
  • Upcoming Elections and Current Discussions on BEE
  • Final Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPI) regulations – are you ready to comply?

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