While it has been 20 years since the inception of the Employment Equity Act, the pace of transformation has been slow. More so in the private sector than the public sector. In fact, women in top management in the private sector account for 32.3% in senior management and only 21.6% in top management. Meanwhile, in the public sector, women make up 39% in senior management and 32.6% in top management. When it comes to persons with disabilities, the stats in both sectors are shocking despite the employment equity target being only 2%!

So, what do these figures have to do with B-BBEE? Well, in one word – tenders. Companies are required to submit their Employment Equity compliance, should they want to do business with the state.

So, if you want to increase your competitive advantage – you should leverage your EE to improve your B-BBEE and we can show you how.

The Link Between Employment Equity and B-BBEE

Employment Equity is focused on the human resource aspect of transformation. This means that organisations need to ensure that their staff complement represents the demographics of our country; which also display an organisations commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive culture. So, how does Employment Equity (EE)affect B-BBEE? Well, the aims of the Employment Equity Act and the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act overlap. For measured entities, their EE score is measured under the management pillar of B-BBEE. As we know, in order to be compliant, entities need to meet the requirements of EE. Failure to meet EE targets results in low or poor ratings which have ripple effects for your business, the economy and our socio-economic landscape.

Attend our EE workshop to learn about EE and how your commitment and compliance to EE can boost your B-BBEE status. Develop the knowledge and expertise required to effectively understand the fundamentals of the EE Act and its ramifications for your company; plus, understand the EE Committee – roles, responsibilities and functions.

Check out the course breakdown and sign up or get in touch with our dedicated training department for more information.

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